Honest Dollar is a company dedicated to helping people save in a society built on spending.

It can feel as if spending your hard-earned money has never been easier. 
We believe that nobody deserves your money more than you. So, we’re working to make saving it just as easy.

We work for you
by design.

We research the financial needs of actual people and look to continuously improve our products to better serve them.

Honest Dollar

Start where you are.
We'll work with you.

No matter where you are there's something you can be doing right now to build a better future. We're here to help you figure that out whether your account is $10 or $10,000.

Honest Dollar

We are Honest Dollar & Goldman Sachs.

Honest Dollar believes in making it easy for people to save for retirement. Signing up to save for a lifetime takes minutes. Our goal is to keep growing, learning and finding new ways to serve you through our simple products. That’s why we are now part of Goldman Sachs, a 147-year old financial industry veteran that knows a lot about growing companies. They are helping us offer more people better products and services as well as supporting our desire to keep innovating for you.