Some exciting changes are coming to Honest Dollar. Goldman Sachs will soon be your new broker-dealer. Learn more about this change.

Some exciting changes are coming to Honest Dollar. Goldman Sachs will soon be your new broker-dealer. Learn more about this change.

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Details about this transition:

1. What is changing?

In early 2021, the broker-dealer for your Honest Dollar account will be changing from Apex Clearing Corporation (your current broker-dealer) to Goldman Sachs.

2. Who will be my new broker-dealer?

Goldman Sachs will be your new broker-dealer.

3. When will this change happen?

The transition process will be completed by February 2021.

4. Why is this change taking place?

We are always striving to enhance your experience with Honest Dollar. By taking on more responsibilities for your account, we will be able to do just that.

5. What actions do I need to take?

You don’t need to take any action at this time. Your broker-dealer will automatically change in February 2021.  If for any reason, you don’t want this change to take place, please see question #12.

6. How does this impact my account?

All management and custodial details of your account will remain the same: Goldman Sachs will continue to manage the assets in your account, Apex Clearing Corporation will continue to be its custodian, and your portfolio of investments will not change.

You will, however, be issued a new account number once the transition is complete. After the transition, all documents will reflect the new account number and the transfer of assets from your old account number to your new account number. 

7. Once I receive my new account number, will I still be able to access statements and tax forms associated with my original account number?

Yes, you’ll be able to access all statements and tax forms associated with your former account number from your dashboard.

8. Can I access my account during the transition?

Yes, although there may be temporary periods during the transition when access to the Honest Dollar website and app may be limited for site maintenance or you may not be able to create new accounts. You’ll always have access to your funds and our support team during such times.

9.  Are there any fees or costs associated with this change?

There are no additional fees or charges whatsoever, and there will be no change to the existing advisory fees associated with your account.

10. Will I be notified once the transition is complete??

Yes, you’ll receive an email once the transition is complete.

11. Where can I access my new account number otherwise?

You’ll be able to access your new account number from your profile. 

12. What if I don’t want my broker-dealer to change?

If you don’t want to have your account’s brokerage services transferred to Goldman Sachs, you can arrange to close your account prior to January 20th. We’ll reimburse any closure or transfer fees imposed by Apex Clearing Corporation.

13. Who should I contact with further questions?

If you have further questions regarding your upcoming broker-dealer change, please feel free to reach out to us at 1-855-783-7283 or, Monday to Friday from 9am – 6:30pm ET.

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